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Portfolio Entry Fee (PEF) 

Our charge is 2.2% of the amount invested, with a ceiling or cap of £44,000. In circumstances where clients were referred via specialist professional partners, or complex tax structuring is involved, the charge may increase to 3.5%. However, this will always be discussed and disclosed at the outset.  

Active Management Fee (AMF) 

We charge a percentage of the value of your portfolio on an annual ongoing basis, which means it is in our interest to do all we can to make your money grow. As your funds rise with Stein, the further your charges fall: 

  • Up to £1,499,999 = 1% 
  • From £1.5m to £5m = 0.8% 
  • Over £5m = 0.6% 

What we don’t do is charge you for fund switching

When we recommend a fund switch our only intention is to keep your portfolio balanced and maximise performance. There is no entry or exit charge 

What we don’t do is charge you for encashments

When you take a partial or complete withdrawal there are zero exit penalties 

What we don’t do is take a commission 

This eliminates bias on funds picked. Some funds automatically generate commission, when this is the case we rebate 100% of the fee to your portfolio. 

Clean Share Class funds (CSC) 

We only recommend Clean Share Class funds (or institutional rather than retail funds) for our clients. This is because they carry no hidden initial charges, commissions, or exit penalties, meaning there is NO CHARGE to change. This category of fund carries an OCF charge typically between 0.4% to 1.2% with no initial or exit charges on the funds. If we feel it’s important that our clients benefit from a certain fund, but that fund is only available as a Retail fund, paying commission, we rebate 100% of the fee to your portfolio.  

External fund manager charges and DFMs 

All funds and DFM’s carry an On-going Charges Figure (OCF) expressed as a percentage. These charges vary, and are typically within 0.3 – 1.2%, expressed as an annualised figure but the charge is taken daily , payable to the Fund Manager, not Stein. These fees are taken within the fund and performance is always detailed net of these charges. 

Portfolio Valuations 

Our Portfolio Valuations are expressed net of all charges and therefore represent your encashment value.  

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