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Not all institutions are equal. Over the years we have built trusted relationships through ups and downs, booms, and recessions, with key trusted institutions which we call our Strategic Partners. As Gatekeepers, through Stein, our client’s enjoy access to this carefully selected group of the best and most respected global financial institutions, not usually available to everyone. They include Legals/accountancy, cross border tax advisors, Trustees, and Investment Management.

We partner with four top Investment houses to manage a block of capital together which forms the bedrock of our portfolios. Chosen because each has a different style from the other. These are our Investment Strategic Partners


LGT Wealth Management

Owned by and managing the wealth of the Royal Family of Liechtenstein, LGT is the world’s largest private bank and asset manager. Established over 80 years ago, with over CHF 240.7 billion of assets, they have been at the forefront of sustainable investing for over 30 years.

“As a values orientated family owned company, we think and act in terms of generations. Commitment, expertise and sustainability, these are all values that mark us out as a family run business. How we think and act is shaped by our owner, the Princely House of Liechtenstein, and its 900 years of tradition and entrepreneurial experience.”


Rathbones International

Providing wealth management services for private clients, charities, trustees, and professional partners. Trusted for generations to manage and preserve clients’ wealth. A tradition of investing and acting responsibly has been with Rathbones from the beginning and continues to lead the company forward today. 

“Clients want to be sure that their money is in safe hands. Knowing that it is being looked after by a UK PLC that has been in business for more than 270 years gives them confidence. We have found that remembering where we have come from, and learning from the past, is a good way to achieve success in the future. Rathbones began life as a family business in Liverpool. The enduring influence of the values of the Rathbone family can be seen in the importance we place on honesty, integrity and independence. We strive to earn trust by putting these values at the heart of our daily work.”


Guinness Global Investors

Positively Different, Guinness Global Investors is an independent active fund manager specialising in long-only equity funds and private equity investments. Responsible Investment is core to our business – they combine ESG Integration and Stewardship throughout the investment process. The house style works on 30-35 best ideas approach, limiting the holding in their funds to 30-35 even weighted stocks, a concentrated portfolio with a distinctly different approach. 

“Guinness Asset Management is 100% owned by its directors and employees which we believe helps to align our interests to those of our investors. A firm with a long history, Guinness Asset Management is independent and purely focused on investment management. All of our global economic and industry research is performed in-house by our team of analysts and managers which allows us to take an independent view and not be led by the market. Our specialist nature also means we have the ability to act quickly and efficiently to any market movements”.


RBC Brewin Dolphin

Based in Dublin Ireland, RBC Brewin Dolphin was founded on the belief that the successful management of wealth takes an understanding of money but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people and their needs. The Brewin Dolphin Group is independently-owned, listed on the London FTSE 250 and bound to no corporate group. With access to an award-winning research team, who undertake research across markets, asset classes and individual companies. They develop unconstrained views and insights

“Today’s Brewin Dolphin can trace its story back to 1762. John Dawes is among a group of stockbrokers at Jonathan’s Coffee House to buy and sell shares. It is the beginnings of the London Stock Exchange. His business will eventually become Brewin Dolphin. The business has witnessed financial crises in the past, from stock market bubbles to global pandemics. That experience has created a culture that takes a long-term perspective. In today’s times of uncertainty that is as relevant as ever”.

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