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Our clients value being with a Wealth Manager that provides a fair, first-class, personal service, who treats client’s capital as if it were their own. One with a business model that is aligned with their interests and values. An environment where both parties are rewarded for success. 

The world has changed. Our clients look to us to help them navigate a safe passage with their wealth. In our view, gone are the days of traditional investing. Our clients enjoy a more global, innovative structure built around investment themes. A unique approach to investment, where we monitor and manage the fund managers, where underperformers are replaced without charge.

We invest with a green filter without sacrificing client returns. Whilst our clients may or may not be aware of investing sustainably, they are comforted to know that we are. Stein is the home of ESG investing.

They are usually expatriates, looking for active management for between $500K-$20m of personal or family capital (for $20m + we refer clients to a  Family Office within the group). They benefit from an approach where things are kept simple and explained easily. Most importantly, they want their affairs to be kept confidential and their capital kept safe. 

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