Unbiased Sustainable Wealth Management, built around a personal, fair and transparent approach...

Stein International Investment Management

Keys to creating and maintaining wealth

Stein is...

An Investment Management and financial advisory company that helps you build and manage your wealth through sustainable investing, so you can get on with living your life, knowing your money is in safe hands, working for a better future for you, and our planet


You sit back and relax, it’s our job to monitor, hire and fire the fund managers we’ve picked to be in the team, as part of your portfolio, that’s what you are paying us for

We are not tied to any financial institution. This means we are able to move our clients capital at any time, without a cost to change


High charges drain your returns, reducing the benefits of great investment performance

There is little point investing in the very best portfolios, if all that happens is that your growth is swallowed up by high unfair charges. Our clients don’t suffer charges to change funds or access capital

Ongoing Service & Advice

Acting as the clients CFO, our Managing Partners will work with you over the long-term. It’s this ongoing advice that maximises your performance and the tax efficiency. After all, why give hard earned capital away in unnecessary taxes

What we do


Through Stein, our clients have access to a handpicked, carefully selected group of the best and most respected global financial institutions, not usually available to everyone.  The personal service our clients enjoy is built around a fair, transparent, and sustainable approach to wealth management…

You maybe similar to our clients ?

Our clients...

Value being with a Wealth Manager that provides a fair, first-class, personal service, who treats client’s capital as if it were their own. One with a business model that is aligned with their interests and values. An environment where both parties are rewarded for success.

Stein's values - five pillars

Custodians of your wealth, our interests are aligned

1) Interests aligned: our growth is linked to our client's growth. 2) Charges: a fair and transparent approach. 3) Returns: Consistently deliver above average net returns. 4) Green Planet: Reduce global warming, through sustainable investing to deliver a better future. 5) Treat our client’s capital as if it were our own.


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