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We have built a sizable library of videos and blogs for our clients and potential clients to enjoy. Examples below

Video library

The case for Sustainable investing: An interview with Phoebe Stone – head of Sustainable investing at LGT Wealth Management. Rob Allen, Managing Partner at Stein talks to Phoebe about the basics of sustainable investing

David Attenborough Netflix film: A Life on Earth. This amazing film provides the balanced information on the issues for our planet and ways in which we can combat climate change, its a fantastic introduction the ESG issues.

Value vs Growth investing: The basics

Why invest at all ?


We are fortunate to be able to bring investors regular blogs with written content and video from respected guest of ours who are authorities in their field in the area of Green Planet – ESG, sustainability and climate change and how this effects investors. click here to receive your copy of our monthly ESG Investor news.


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