How Do I Trace My Old Pensions?

At Stein, we’re happy to answer any questions about expat and offshore finances and investing – that’s what we’re here for!

3 of the most common questions we receive about UK pensions are:

How do I trace my old pensions?
The simple answer is, we can do that for you. Fill in a form (that will take you less than 5 mins to complete) and leave the rest to us.

Should I consolidate?
Once we have all of your pension information, you will have the option to select an asset management strategy that best reflects your risk level and growth & income requirements. You will work with your Managing Partner to construct a bespoke plan that fits your needs.

What are my options if I am permanently/temporarily/not sure how long I will be living abroad?
This is our specialty! We have global solutions for over Expats regardless of what country you are in, Stein can help you become ‘’Financially Well Organised’ ’maximising your wealth so its there to help you achieve your personal goals.

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