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Building wealth and financial stability is something we all strive for; investing is an effective way to make your money work for you. By creating a well-managed diverse portfolio of quality investments, you can get ahead financially and achieve your long-term goals and that is what Stein International Investment Management is here to help you do.

Established in 2002 Stein’s heritage began with sustainable investing as a fundamental part of our investment strategy, for us, it’s not something to adopt or bolt on, it’s always been part of our DNA.

We built our investment model differently to traditional wealth management companies. We wanted to create a company built around a personal, fair and transparent approach. One where we are aligned with our clients’ interests.

Helping our Planet

We also wanted to offer something else, because one thing we believe in very strongly at Stein is sustainable investing. In the past decade, we have been made aware that we need to make changes to the way we live if we are going to ensure there is a future for the next generations.

We will all benefit from a greener planet, with broader biodiversity, clean water for all, renewable energy, an end to poverty and hunger, and a reduction in our carbon footprint. These are all drivers which together will help to deliver an improving social and economic environment for all of us to enjoy.

Our mission at Stein is to help our clients understand that they can invest with a green filter, without sacrificing returns or taking higher risks, and by doing this, they are benefiting by building strong, robust, and long-term investment returns for themselves whilst helping to reduce the effects of climate change. After all what’s the point of building wealth for some point in the future if the world as we know it, is not there to enjoy.

Our Objectives

What is Sustainable Investing?

Sustainable investing is when investors observe a company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors before providing funding to it.

Environmental — ecological protection. Investing in companies fighting climate change. Additionally, this can include reducing pollution and deforestation, fighting water scarcity and encouraging biodiversity.

Social — how a company invests its own money and resources. Sustainable investors look for how companies treat their employees, their stance on human rights and if they interact with their surrounding communities.

Governance — how a business is run while encouraging beneficial changes. It promotes full disclosure of a company’s shareholder rights, possible political contributions, diversity and pay in leadership, and the overall condition of their management.

One of the strategic partners we work with is LGT Wealth Management, they have been carbon neutral since 2010 and are committed to be net zero by 2030, 20 years ahead of the date decreed by the Paris Climate change agreement and 20 years ahead of the rest of the industry. Head of Sustainable Investing, Phoebe Stone explained to Stein’s, Rob Allen, what ESG is all about.

Whatever your reasons for investing – protecting your purchasing power against inflation; growing your capital; achieving your financial goals; saving for your retirement or helping others to achieve their goals, Stein works with you to realise those dreams and we do it in a way that helps ensure our planet benefits too.

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